FrontierVille New Schoolhouse Lessons

By | September 4, 2010

FrontierVille New Schoolhouse Lessons that you can learn inside school house ! there are 5 new school marms to learn 🙂 3 limited edition school lesson that only available for September 7th

frontierville school house

you can see the requirements to buy new school lesson and how many school supply needed for each lesson here

new school lessons on frontierville :
Hunting – More resources from varmints
requirements : 5000 Coins, 10 Ribbons + 5 of each School Supply

Writing – Hire an extra neighbor per day
requirements : 5000 Coins, 15 Ribbons + 7 of each School Supply


frontierville limited edition school lessons :
Canning – More food from all crops and fruit trees
requirements : 12000 Coins, 15 Ribbons + 10 of each School Supply

Health Education – Max Energy increased by 5
requirements : 40000 Coins, 30 Ribbons + 20 of each School Supply

Early to Bed – Energy replenishes 15 seconds quicker
requirements : 45 Horseshoes, 25 Ribbons + 15 of each School Supply


too bad there’s horseshoes for early to bed lesson to buy with 🙁

tips to finish school lessons faster :
– if you want to send school supply faster you can use frontierville school supply links
– you can click ‘ask’ button for each lesson after you buy it over and over ! yeah there’s no limit to ask so it will be posted on wall so your friend can help send it faster !

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