Frontierville New Year Resolutions Missions 2012

By | December 29, 2011

Help the townfolk in frontierville new year resolutions missions! The townsfolk are making their New Year Resolutions, but you can bet they’re a little far-fetched. Maybe you can lend a hand and nab yourself some great rewards!
these are timed quest series for 2012 resolutions ! the missions must be accepted by 1/31/2012.
You have 7 days to complete each goals once you choose to start them.

here are the goals :

Resolution: Dress to Impress!
– Harvest 80 Red Roses
– Tend 100 Sheep On Your Homestead
– Craft 3 Unfinished Red Dresses
Reward: 1 Lacy Red Dress, 3 Fast Hand Boosts, 1 Fanny Crate

mission tips :
craft these items on pioneer trail hoedown
5 delicate thread + 4 red satin = plain red dress
3 plain red dress + 12 black lace = unfinished red dress

how to get :
delicate thread drops from red roses crops
black lace link

Resolution: Help Doc With His Resolution!
– Clear 30 Debris On Your Homestead Or A Neighbor’s
– Harvest 200 Peppermint Trees
– Craft 2 Pet Care Packages
Reward: 2012 XP, 5 Ox Ready Boosts, 1 Mystery Animal Crate

quest tips :
click hoedown to craft
pet care kit = 8 wood slats + 3 pet comb
pet care package = 3 pet care kit + 4 claw clippers

how to get :
wood slats drops from debris
claw clippers link

Resolution: Bess’ Best Friend!
– Harvest 100 White Roses
– Turn In 1 Apple Tree Collection
– Ask For 20 Friendship Trinkets
Reward: 1 Horse Gate, 2012 Coins, 1 Bess’ Crate

Resolution: Granny Makeover!
– Get 20 Lipstick From Tending Pigs
– Play 5 Days In A Row
– Ask For 20 Granny’s Digests
Reward: 2012XP, 5 Pig Boosts, 1 Exercise Crate

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  • Shenna Poynter

    I harvested over 300 roses and still didnt get enough lace. I think that is a little much when i havested 45 and didnt get one. I harvested theses 2 different crops on 2 different days. Any suggestions?

  • debs

    go do ur friends roses u have all lace u want i got mine in no time good luck x