Frontierville New Year’s Resolution Missions

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville New Year’s Resolution Missions ! Do you see 3 new badges in frontierville today ?

new years resolution missions in frontierville

Able Repeater – Complete 5 Repeatable Missions
Patient Player – Play Frontierville 3 days in a row
Resolute Pioneer – Complete all new year’s resolution missions

there are 2 badges that related for new resolution missions 🙂 look for humble bob for this quests ! note that this missions i took from xml and it’s not come out yet

Improve yourself in the New Year and reap the rewards of better living! Complete all six of my resolutions by January 31st and you’ll get a Special Resolute Pioneer badge, a Book of Experience you can use to level up and 50 shiny Horseshoes while supplies last!

Folks all across the Frontier are celebratin’ the new year. There’s some news from back East about a new “self-improvement craze”. Looks like that ol’ scoundrel Humble Bob may be a devotee…

Don’t you want to be a better Pioneer for the new year? Promise to complete all six of my resolutions by January 31st and you’ll get 50 HS – while supplies last!

If you don’t trust my charitable spirit, you can find these missions in the Market until January 31st.

there are 6 series of new years resolutions missions with 2 parts :
1. Healthy Eatin’
2. Exercise More
3. Friends & Family
4. Get Organized Part
5. New Hobby
6. Play FrontierVille

RESOLUTION: Healthy Eatin’ Part I
– Harvest 30 Cabbages
– Harvest 40 Apricot Trees
– Harvest 50 Flax

RESOLUTION: Healthy Eatin’ Part II
– Collect 5 Chicken Breasts
– Collect 5 Cottage Cheese
– Collect 5 Sunflower Seeds

RESOLUTION: Exercise More Part I
– Chop Down Ten Trees
– Tend 30 Cows
– Clear 10 Rocks

RESOLUTION: Exercise More Part II
– Click On 100 Bonus Objects
– Clobber 10 Varmints
– Collect 1 Bee

RESOLUTION: Friends & Family Part I
– Have 5 Friends Babysit
– Harvest 50 Fruit Trees with your Spouse
– Collect 20 Daily Bonuses with your Child

RESOLUTION: Friends & Family Part II
– Tend 50 Neighbor Crops
– Clear 50 Neighbor Debris
– Collect 1 Baby New Year

RESOLUTION: Get Organized Part I
– Place 10 Decorations into the Storage Shed
– Clear 50 Debris
– Tend 50 Animals

RESOLUTION: Get Organized Part II
– Get 10 Paint Chips
– Customize 5 Buildings
– Collect 1 Toast Glass

RESOLUTION: New Hobby Part I
– Get Ten Board Games
– Play a game of Horseshoes
– Collect Five Spanish Coins

– Craft Five Powder Kegs
– Craft Five Sextants
– Collect Five Tolls

RESOLUTION: Play FrontierVille Part I
– Play 5 Days in a Row
– Hire 10 Friends
– Collect 1 Calendar

RESOLUTION: Play FrontierVille Part II
– Sell 50 Adult Oxen
– Sell 50 Adult Pigs
– Sell 50 Adult Goats

i will update the rewards later, there are some new crates with new decorations inside 🙂 and please.. if you take info from here please give credit okay ^^

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  • corinna

    keep all your care packages u will need them as they can contains parts for new collection

  • Trisha

    i need help for frontier ville for a mission i need one toast glass and calendar

  • mag

    Hi, I have just got the calender on frontierville, i got it by accepting a friends help on my land x

  • Ann Marie

    I cannot sell my paths since these missions came up…. i can move them but not sell.. can any1 help with this, or is any1 else having the same problem?????

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  • Bryan

    hi i finish all the 6 mission but i dint get the rewards? the 50HS wth!

  • wolflady397

    I just finished all my 6 missions and didn’t get the 50 horseshoes!!

  • wolflady397

    Disregard my previous comment, I got my 50 horseshoes now..We’re suppose to click on the Jackalope Lodge to get our badges…

  • ChooChi737

    If you do all the missions again… after completing them the first time, do you get another 50 horseshoes?

    • admin

      nope 😛 you can only get it once

  • marina

    i have compleet al the six qeusten and i dont have mijn 50 horscoes pls help thnx

  • Loury

    Hello, i lost one of my missions,Play Frontierville part 11, I have my animals ready to sell and have already sold some goats.. but i cant find the mission to see my progress, it just disappeared. Any clue?

  • BlazinBeckie

    Do we now only have til tomorrow to complete the missions? At the top of the page it says stocks are running low so we now have til the 14th to complete them and get 50 HS but we can still complete them by the 31st :/ Pretty peed off if its right!

  • Brit

    So I just completed this and I didn’t get my horseshoes!



    How do you get your friends to babysit???? HELP!!!!

  • natalie

    what a con i finished in time and never got the horse shoes

  • Mathew

    If you complete all 6 missions go look at your badges.

  • Rachel

    I only got 20 horseshoes when I looked at my badges. They shouldn’t promise something if they can’t deliver. They should have just said you will get some horseshoes. I am pissed I worked hard to finish by the 14th.

  • MaryEv

    I only got 20 horseshoes too, VERY disappointing after working so hard. At first they said you get the horseshoes until the 31st, then all of a sudden it’s the 14th, so I spend HOURS working to get them done in time, and for what? When they say the 14th, I presume it’s until the end of the day, not the beginning? I know they go by GMT, which is why the new day always starts at 7 Eastern. No way they should expire before it’s the 14th here.

  • jessica

    can someone tell me in the lodge what badges are i suppose to be looking at i didnt mean to rebuy these missions 3 times now i dont no what i have / havent completed the the second time .. ty

  • Debbie

    I only got 20 horseshoes too. I was stupid enough to BUY some horseshoes to get this finished on time, expecting a return on my investment. NaDa! Very disappointed with Zynga.

  • i have over and over agn sold animals and grew crops never credited i;s their error as i have e mailed and even chatline

    enough is enough’ frontierville sucks i worked so hard on the new years resolution did it all crops and animals did not credit, anyone else had enough of this bullcrap

  • Ghie

    just finished my new year’s resolution missions.. i was hoping to get all 50 “shiny horseshoes” but i only got 17!!! i worked ward specially on the last mission of selling 50 ox etc and i only got 17! bummer..

  • Hesham

    i just finished the new year resolutions missions…i only got 20 HS…it was a big surprise for me because i just now while i am reading the old post on this web page…i discovered that i have to finish all the mission before 14/1 to get 50 HP,i thought it must be finish before 31/1 because i dont remember i saw any msg telling me that i have to finish before 14/1

  • DJF2510

    This is crap Finished the quest line on the 19th .. they promised 50HS but only got 20 …i spend alot of time on these quest to get them done before the 31st and Zynga can’t live by there promise

    “Don’t you want to be a better Pioneer for the new year? Promise to complete all six of my resolutions by January 31st and you’ll get 50 HS – while supplies last!”
    don’t see any other dates there

  • DJF2510

    what the heck just signed back on and the 20 HS I GOT INSTEAD OF 50 ARE GONE

  • Gloria

    finished new years mission for second time did not get any horse shoes.

  • Lou

    Anyone know what happens with the amazing repeater badge now that the new years repeatable missions are gone. I ocmpleted 25 but need to do 50 for my next badge? Are there gonna be more of these types of missions