Frontierville New Year’s RSVP

By | December 31, 2010

Frontierville New Year’s RSVP is the item that you will need to update and claim frontierville dance floor prizes
new years rsvp in frontierville

how to get new year’s rsvp in frontierville ?
first you must finish the new year’s dance floor, then click invite friends option

you will see new years guest list
collect RSVP from your friends to upgrade the party to higher levels, then start the countdown on december 31st to collect all of your rewards !

choose friends and click ‘send invitation’ button, your friends will see new years RSVP post on their wall :
Join xxx for a New Year’s Bash!
xxx is throwing a wild New Year’s party not to forget but needs more RSVP’s to kick the party up! Friends who send RSVPs will get one too!

you can help send rsvp to your friend to get one for free 😀

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  • Kristina

    For some reason, sending invitation is not possible for me now. I was able to send them before and i think i got more than 100 rsvps but now, i cant send… what happened?

  • Adena Amparano

    I’m having the same problem…. cant send them either….. errrrrrrrrrrrr