Frontierville Oink Squealer & Stink Mission

By | May 3, 2011

Frontierville Oink Squealer & Stink Mission is day 11 for frontierville mcbaggins missions , in this goal you need to do some job on neighbor’s homestead and prepare some corn to be harvested in your homestead


Those three little piglets won’t last long out there on the prairie! I think they may have found a home with your neighbor’s pigs. Best make sure there is enough fodder to go around or there won’t be enough for the other pigs!

on the find the little piggies mission you need to :
Tend 30 Neighbor Pigs
Harvest 30 Corn on Your Homestead
Revive 20 Withered Crops on Your Neighbor’s Homestead

hint : Corn can be purchased in the Market. Go visit neighbors to find withered crops.

reward : pig ready boost, map piece and 1000 XP

you’ve found oink, squealer and stink hidin’ with the other pigs ! celebrate with your friends with a boost ?