Frontierville Orchard Missions

By | May 25, 2011

Frontierville Orchard Missions ! a new orchard building available with some new trees on the free gift page 🙂

The Orchard lets store trees, harvest them and gives you access to premium trees. Collecting a bonus can spawn saplings, to learn more about the building new feature lets finish some 4 new orchard goals :
1. A Meadow Orchard
2. Peachy Keen
3. Duped by Drupe
4. A Groovy Grove

GOAL: Orchard, Part I of IV
– Tend 10 Apple Trees on Your Homestead
– Hire 2 Neighbors
– Have or Place a Orchard

GOAL: Orchard, Part II of IV
– Tend 25 Peach Trees on Your Homestead
– Collect 15 Fruit Decals
– Clear Eight Grass Debris on your Homestead

GOAL: Orchard, Part III of IV
– Tend 20 Apricot Trees
– Collect 15 Fruit Crates (This will be consumed!)
– Store Five Trees inside your Orchard

GOAL: Orchard, Part IV of IV
– Collect Three Daily Bonuses from the Orchard
– Collect One Daily Bonus From the Water Well
-Tend 30 Trees in your Orchard

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