Frontierville Our Kittens Bootsy & Bobtail Mission

By | April 29, 2011

Frontierville Our Kittens Bootsy & Bobtail Mission – day 5 of trouble on the trail mission in frontierville for this goal you need to do some things on your homestead


Won’t be long till sundown! Hurry ‘n find them kittens before the bears do! They love playing with li’l critters and climbing trees – maybe you can start there.

for this frontierville pussy cat wagon you must :
Clobber Three Groundhogs
Clobber One Bear
Harvest 10 Peaches

hint : Groundhogs love to come around when you harvest crops; Bears come around when you chop down full grown trees. Peach Trees can be purchased in the Market.

rewards : critter milk, map piece, 350 xp

oh, bootsy & bobtail ! great job lurin’ them kittens with the groundhogs, why not share this boost and give yer friends a little luck ?