Frontierville Our Lost Puppy Hobo Mission

By | April 28, 2011

Frontierville Our Lost Puppy Hobo Mission – this quest is part of frontierville trouble on the trail day 4 where you need to do some job on neighbor’s homestead + 1 request item


Better hurry after that sweet li’l pooch. He’ll follow his wet little nose to the nearest vittles. Put out some food for him and he’ll come runnin’ in for his chow!

on this frontierville bring the puppy hobo home you need to :
Tend 20 Neighbor Crops
Collect 12 Gnawed Bones (These will be consumed)
Tend 20 Neighbor Sheep

tips : Click “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for Gnawed Bones. Sheep are tended by feeding or grooming them.
and you can use this gnawed bones link to send faster : gnawed bones gift link

reward : port-a-outhouse, map piece, 250 coins

you’ve found hobo ! he sure loved his good, you can thank yer friends for helpin’ with a little boost !

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