Frontierville Overseas Marriage

By | October 9, 2010

Frontierville Overseas Marriage ! new quest on frontierville 🙂 there are 5 parts for overseas marriage

overseas marriage goals

GOAL: Overseas Marriage, Part I of V
GOAL: Overseas Marriage, Part II of V
GOAL: Overseas Marriage, Part III of V
GOAL: Overseas Marriage, Part IV of V
GOAL: Overseas Marriage, Part V of V

Overseas Marriage Part I of V
Craft Ten Presents
Harvest 20 Cotton
Have 60 Cloth

rewards : 150 XP + grain sack

Overseas Marriage Part II of V
Craft 20 Clothes
Craft 10 Fancy Clothing

rewards : 200 coins + stove

Overseas Marriage Part III of V
Have 400 Food
Craft 80 Batter
Collect 10 Lard

rewards : dinner meal

Overseas Marriage Part IV of V
Craft 20 Cakes
Harvest 10 Potatoes

rewards : 500 coins + linen (inn collection)

Overseas Marriage Part V of V
Craft Bed
Get 10 Baby Clothes

rewards : 500 XP + 2 boiled shoes

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