Frontierville Oxen A-Wanderin Mission

By | May 1, 2011

Frontierville Oxen A-Wanderin Mission is day 7 for frontierville mcbaggins missions , in this goal you need to do some job on neighbor’s homestead and craft item


Gonna need those oxen to haul the wagon out West! I think I saw ’em hangin’ around the neighbors’ cows and oxen. You’ll also need some sawhorses to support the yoke when you round ’em up.

for the rockin oxen mission you need to :
Tend 25 Neighbor Cows
Tend 15 Neighbor Oxen
Craft Five Sawhorses (These’ll be used up to complete the mission.)

hint : Sawhorses can be crafted inside the Barn. The Barn can be purchased in the Market. Don’t forget to leave you neighbors some tools once you visit… they may return the favor.

rewards : 10 ox ready boost, map piece and 450 coins

you found the oxen having a good ol’ time with the neighbors, show off the prize team with a boost for your friends !