Frontierville Pa McBaggins Mission

By | April 28, 2011

Frontierville Pa McBaggins Mission – day 3 for trouble on the trail frontierville and the requirements for this quest is easy 🙂 you will finish it in no time

GOAL: Pa McBaggins

This one might be tough – Pa’s known to get lost on his way to the outhouse. He’s probably meetin’ the neighbors and helping out ’round the homestead.

on the frontierville pursuing pa mission you need to :
Collect Three Building Bonuses
Chop Trees 15 Times on Your Homestead
Visit Eight Neighbors

hint : Click on any building to collect a daily bonus.

rewards : care package, 1 map piece, 250 XP

you’ve found pa! he was helpin’ out around town and chatting with the neighbors ! can you friends a boost for keepin’ pa busy ?

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