Frontierville Party Hats

By | January 3, 2011

Frontierville Party Hats is one of the special item that you can unlock for your avatar new years outfit !

party hats on frontierville

how to get party hats in frontierville ?
you must collect 100 new years RSVPs to unlocked rocket level on dance floor in frontierville, so you can get the party hats claimed !

next go to the hair menu of your avatar screen, you can see many kinds of party hats :
polkadot party hat red
polkadot party hat brown
polkadot party hat blonde
polkadot party hat black
striped party hat red
striped party hat brown
striped party hat blonde
striped party hat black

but some players already claimed the party hats but it still locked and got this error :
dialogs.props : nye_partyhats_locked=??

must wait until they fix party hats glitch >.<

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