Frontierville Pa’s Huntin Stuff Mission

By | May 3, 2011

Frontierville Pa’s Huntin Stuff Mission is the last day 12 for trouble on the trail goals in frontierville , you must scare bear, craft item and request 1 item from your friends for this quest


What’s a pioneer without his rifle & skinnin’ knife? The bears sure have gotten smart and like to run off with lost huntin’ things. Try findin’ Pa’s huntin’ stuff and get him some extra powder kegs and knives!

for this a shot in the dark mission you must :
Clobber Eight Bears
Craft Five Powder Kegs (This will be consumed.)
Collect 20 Huntin Knives (This will also be consumed.)

hint : Bears come around when you chop down full grown trees. Powder kegs can be crafted inside the Foundry. Click “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for Huntin’ Knives.

reward : gonestoga wagon

you did it ! you got the mcbaggins family back on the trail to oregon ! and just look at them fine rewards they left you !

Trouble on the Trail Complete!