Frontierville Patriotic Crate

By | July 3, 2011

Red, White and Moo? Collect all of the limited edition patriotic critters!
Celebrate the 4th in style with Patriotic Mystery Crates and collect the Highland Cow, Chameleon and Alpaca gussied up as Uncle Sam to celebrate 4th of July! Hurry – these rare critters won’t be around fer long!

Frontierville Patriotic Crate
A special chance to get a patriotic “mystery” animal, this alpaca, chameleon, highland cow arrives fully-grown and full of fun!

purchase these 3 new animals with 50 HS on the market
you can see the animal with red blue and white stripes, along with stars 🙂

what animals you can get from patriotic crate :
Patriotic Alpaca
Patriotic Chameleon
Patriotic Highland Cow