Frontierville Peach Cobblers

By | February 7, 2011

Frontierville Peach Cobblers is one of the item you need to collect for reach an agreement mission, one of the goals that you must finish to get frontierville giant homestead expansion

peach cobbler in frontierville

but there’s a problem, NikiKing the super moderator in farmville forum said that there’s a typo for this quest
TYPO: Collect 8 Peach Cobblers is supposed to be “Collect 8 Peach Pies” on the 4th mission. Sorry for the confusion.

but this should not be a problem if you have both a lot 😛 you can check the original post in :

have 8 peach cobblers

how to get peach cobblers in frontierville ?
whops i meant peach pie, because both item is part of peach collection.. you can get it when you harvest or water your / neighbors peach trees. Or you can go into your Collections screen and add them to your Wish List.

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