Frontierville Pen Pal Package Missions Parcel Wagon Links

By | September 14, 2012

Use the parcel wagon to send packages to your pen pal in frontierville pen pal package missions !

Looks like private grant is lacking some creature comforts ! help your kid put together parcel packages for a brave soldier !

quest requirements :

goal : Pen Pal Package Mission
Clear 3 Skulls
Gather 10 Packaging String from harvesting Flax
Place the Military Parcel Wagon
Reward: 500 XP, 3 Aloe Vera, Raspberry Bush

goal : Frontier Comfort Mission
Harvest 30 tomatoes
Collect 8 Lantern Candles from your friends
Finish phase 1 of the Wagon
Reward: 1000 XP, Jackrabbit, 3 Cashew Trees

goal : Pass the Time Mission
Gather 6 Lucky Rabbit’s Feet – Drop from Jackrabbits
Collect 12 Baseballs from your friends
Finish Phase 2 of the Wagon
Reward: 1500 XP, 2000 Coins, Captain Mary Pigeon

goal : Family Visit Mission
Craft 4 Message Capsules
Collect 15 Pigeon Care Pamphlets from your friends
Finish Phase 3 of the Wagon
Reward: 2000 XP, Lumber Tree Serum, 3 Shaggy Llamas

3 green yarn + 4 hollowed tube = message capsule
find green yarn from adult standard sheep

goal : Picture for Pa Mission
Craft 6 Cherished Portraits
Gather 10 Dark Coffee Beans – harvest Coffee Trees
Finish the Parcel Wagon
Reward: 3000 XP, 3000 Coins, Fort Courage Honor Banner (collect this daily bonus for the new collection)

5 photo matte + 6 cherrywood stain = loving frame
1 loving frame + 6 playful pictures = cherished portraits
get photo matte from harvesting cherry trees in your homestead

pioneer trail parcel wagon quest item links :
charcoalsketch communityquilt baseball pigeoncare playfulpictures cookierecipe kidscrayons minipouch flightplans cottonwatch localnewspaper snuglyhugs