Frontierville Pet Shop

By | April 20, 2011

Frontierville Pet Shop is a new building for puppies ! We dogs are faithful companions! Build a pet shop and get a puppy to follow you as you do chores!
Puppies are in the house! Build a Pet Shop today!

pet shop in frontierville – requires 63 additional wood to complete. get your puppies here ! need 9 whacks with 7 wood /whack

you must complete doghouse first in order to build pet store
“you need to construct the doghouse and place the dog inside before you can perform that action”

to build your pet store you must collect :
15 kennel
15 dog bed
1 pet crate (there’s a hint how to get pet crate)
10 scratching post
10 litter box
10 aquarium

after you finish this pet store you can see what kinds of pet in the market :
chocolate lab
brown husky
sable collie
black husky
black collie
black lab
white husky
grey collie

and also a new frontierville kennel will coming soon
the kennel will allow you to train your dogs to hunt varmints, tend animals and dig up cool stuff.

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