Frontierville Petal Peddler Mission

By | May 7, 2013

I hope you already have enough flower petal to purchase some items on this frontierville petal peddler mission ! What’s the use of earning all them petals if you ain’t gonna spend them ? i think it’s time for a shopping spree !

quest requirements for pioneer trail petal peddler :
– Tend a Petal Sheep 30 times
– Buy the Cheery Flowers & Hungry Trap in the Petal Market
– Get all 3 variations of the Cactus plant :
1. Barrel Cactus
2. Tall Cactus
3. Desert Flytrap

tips :
– you can buy in the Petal Market or get 3 from completing frontierville sunset flower celebration mission 1-8
– you will need 4000 flower petals to buy the hungry trap and cheery flowers
– if you had the 3 different cactus already, they count towards the mission

Reward: 3 Mystery Animal Crates, 5 Crop Whisperers, Midnight Queen (deco)

So many things to buy, so little time ! we really cleaned the shelves on that market, didn’t we ?