Frontierville Pioneer Pavilion

By | July 13, 2011

Place frontierville pioneer pavilion on your homestead to do your part and collect golden hammers to unlock the pioneer trail early and earn great prizes

Pioneer Pavilion – Host a Pioneer Trail goin’ away shindig!

you can see there are 5 pioneer pavilion goals that you can complete by collecting golden hammers :
Step 1: Place the Pioneer Pavilion!
Step 2: Get Some Grub on the Table!
Step 3: Make Some Lemonade!
Step 4: Hang Up the Party Decorations!
Step 5: Raise the Banner!

holly’s progess

collect golden hammer to unlock rewards
15 golden hammers : beaver statue
50 golden hammers : snowy lean-to
150 golden hammers : talkin’ dummy
350 golden hammers : wind wagon
900 golden hammers : golden horse

pioneer pavilion rewards picture

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