Frontierville Play FrontierVille Mission

By | January 8, 2011

Frontierville Play FrontierVille Mission is one of humble bob mission that you can buy with 9500 coins

play frontierville mission

difficult mission : suggested level 20 – Repeatable set of two overall game activity missions, part of the Resolute Pioneer badge.

there are 2 goals that you can finish to get workaholic crate reward, but note that you must sell some animals for this frontierville new years resolutions part 2

Frontierville Goal Play FrontierVille Part I
Frontier Workaholic ! How does anyone expect all this work to get done when you have so little energy each day? Get your friends to help lessen the load and keep things going on schedule!
– Play Five Days in a Row
– Hire Ten Friends
– Collect One Calendar (This will be used up to fulfill this mission.)

Hint : You will have to play FrontierVille once each day for five days straight. Friends can be hired to perform tasks by clicking on their portraits. Calendars are part of the New Year’s Collection, found randomly from all game activities.

Frontierville Goal Play FrontierVille Part II
Home for Retired Animals ! You’ve been playing this crazy game for some time now, and the animals keep stacking up. Time to send them off to greener pastures, and reap the rewards of all that faithful clickin’!
– Sell 50 Adult Oxen
– Sell 50 Adult Pigs
– Sell 50 Adult Goats

Hint : You can buy baby oxen, pigs and goats in the Market. Tend them multiple times or use boosts until they become adults, then use the Sell cursor to get rid of them.

You have started the Play FrontierVille Resolution. Once both missions are complete, you will get a Workaholic Crate containing one of four decoration rewards.

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