Frontierville Playful Pony

By | September 9, 2011

Do you know how to get frontierville playful pony ? your child need to ride this cute pony in order to finish make hay while the sun shines – last days of the season goal part 2

you need to frontierville complete first day of school goals 3 times to get the pioneer trail playful pony, let’s take a look on the confidence meter here :

1x confidence missions = giant hamster
2x confidence missions = cute dalmatian
3x confidence missions = playful pony

when you reach full meter, you’ll see fanny pop up for the horse :
i’ve never seen a more confident child in all my years! a playful pony is waiting in your inventory!

put it on homestead and name your pioneer trail cute pony :

now with your child click on the playful pony and select ride horse to mount !

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