Frontierville Pony Express Missions

By | February 3, 2011

Frontierville Pony Express Missions ! there’s a new badge : decent deliveries, so i checked on the xml and found new frontierville pony express office building and the goals 🙂

pony express in frontierville

there are 5 part of goal pony express :
1. Building The Pony Express
2. Pony Up for the Pony Express
3. Gettin’ Mail
4. Tricks of the Trade
5. Special Delivery

here are the frontierville pony express mission :

GOAL: Pony Express Part I of V
– Place Pony Express on your Homestead
– Hire Three Neighbors

GOAL: Pony Express Part II of V
– Customize the Pony Express
– Visit Ten Neighbors
– Harvest 15 Apple Trees

GOAL: Pony Express Part III of V
– Collect Ten Stamp Rolls
– Collect Two Daily Deliveries from the Pony Express
– Have 1500 Food

GOAL: Pony Express Part IV of V
– Reach “Excellent” on the Bonus Bar
– Click on 40 Bonus Objects
– Tend 20 Animals

GOAL: Pony Express Part V of V
– Reach “Insane” on the Bonus Bar
– Collect 10 Envelopes

any questions about these frontierville pony express quest ?

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  • sevim

    when will we see the missiion?

  • Joanne

    When will we see this mission?

  • Monica

    I’ve got the Pony Express but at the moment I didn’t have where to put it, I click on the move items icon, and now I can’t find the Pony Express anymore. Please help!

    • admin

      ah ! that’s happened to my friends too, you can find it inside inventory 🙂 check it slowly and carefully

  • Cynthia

    I have the same problem Monica has except I can find it inside the inventory but it says, “Current Maximum Reached” help!

  • Meringa

    Cynthia, are you sure that you’re searching it in the inventory and not in the market.
    I was trying to buy it again and there was this “current maximum reached”, then I looked in my inventory and it was there and ready to use!

  • zega

    i can’t find my special you have any idea where they can be?
    i checked inventory and they aren’t in there.

  • Tz

    I receive the biggest bag, but when I click on the bag, I got nothing.
    I kept clicking and getting the bag for a few days already, but nothing inside.
    my gf and her sis got bonus/boosts.
    We’re using the same network, but different laptops.
    help me pls!!!