Frontierville Pony Express Office

By | February 3, 2011

Frontierville Pony Express Office ! The Pony Express is here! Build a brand new Pony Express office and keep a look out for those special deliveries!

Pony Express office in frontierville, receive special deliveries at the pony express office

Go To Market and buy this with 665 coins + 8 wood
you need to whack 16x with 4 wood/whack

you can collect bonus : Frontierville Special Delivery !

now to finish pony express you need to collect these materials :
@10 from news feed :
frontierville bag of gravel
frontierville molding
frontierville whitewash


@12 from request :
frontierville paint brush
frontierville wax seal
frontierville pony express plan

to send request faster use these links :
paint brush
wax seal
pony express plan

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  • Rosa

    when will the pony express building be released??

    • admin

      i think after the expansions 🙂

  • James

    what expansions

  • noneya

    it has been released now

  • Joana Leite

    I need help. I received the pony express mission on my homestead, but i didn´t place it right away and now in the market it says current maximus reached! And i cannot evolve! My Facebook page is Joana Costa Leite… Thanks…

  • Harry Bob

    it will be in your inventory dont worry about it