Frontierville Poop Scoopin Crew

By | February 7, 2011

Frontierville Poop Scoopin Crew ! in one of frontierville giant homestead mission : freeloaders you must hire a poop scoopin crew

poop scoopin crew in frontierville

Hire Five Scoopers
Hire a Poop Scoopin’ Crew to move manure near the squatters ! Click on “Ask for Scoopers” below to send out a plea to all of your friends.

you can also unlock for 60 HS
need pooper scoopers ! recruit your friends to do some scoopin’ for you! they’ll get a reward – and a good laugh !

click ‘recruit some scoopers’ to post on your wall :
xxx needs a Poop Scoopin’ Crew!
xxx is needin’ your help to get rid of some pesky squatters on the edge of their homestead – by stinking ’em out! There’s some pay for ingenious manure shovelers who join..

click Join the Crew to help out and receive 100 XP ! you’ll become one of frontierville pooper scoopers

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