FrontierVille Powder Horn

By | July 8, 2010

FrontierVille Powder Horn is one of the Independence Day Collection and this collectible item is quite rare 😛

powder horn on frontierville

if you collect all independence day collection in frontierville you can trade in with free frontierville liberty bell reward 🙂

how to get powder horn on frontierville ?
You can get powder horn from chopping neighbor’s trees, Pine Trees and Oak Trees (you can’t get it from your own trees). But please aware that this item is really rare and hard to find.. so you will need luck to find it when chop neighbor’s trees.

You can also put it on the wishlist and post it on the wall so your friend can send it if they have one, or trade items 🙂

The last way is by going to the market and purchase it with horseshoes 😛
Independence Day Collectible – powder horn
XP : 90 buy with 95 lucky horseshoes

yeah i know it cost a lot 😛 almost half price from the liberty bell cash.

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