FrontierVille Prairie Pile

By | July 3, 2010

FrontierVille Prairie Pile is one of the Manure Collection that you must find in order to get saltpeter for craft fireworks goal 🙂

prairie pile on frontierville

where to find prairie pile in frontierville ?
you can get the rare prairie pile from feed mule or horse, why rare ? because the hungry time for both animal so long and also both must purchase by horseshoes

mule harvest : 1 day 12 hours
buy with : 3 horseshoes + 2000 coins

horse harvest : 2 days 12 hours
buy with : 4 horseshoes + 10000 coins

mule and horse on frontierville

so how to get prairie pile faster on frontierville ?
here some tips to get prairie pile poo :
– purchase a lot of mule with horseshoes
– if you have a lot of mule / horse and have animal ready boost from a complete bear collection then use it 🙂
– put the prairie pile in your wishlist so your friends who have more can gift via my neighbor tab
– visit the neighbor who have ready mule or horse to feed

when visit your neighbor that have mule / horse that ready to feed use this tricks :
feed the mule / horse once and go back to your homestead, then visit the same neighbor again you will see that the mule / horse can be feed again !

if your friend only have 1 mule / horse then don’t worry that means you have chance to feed it 5 times 😀 do this for other neighbors that have mule / horse and you can look how many prairie pile i got with this cheat


i hope you can get prairie pile faster 😛 wish you luck !

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  • jpierce568

    i got it from a bear

  • Christie

    it’s really fast if u chop down the larger trees and scare the bears. the bear leaves the prairie pile