Frontierville Prank You Very Much Mission

By | March 29, 2013

Start homestead pranks with Hank the prankster in frontierville prank you very much mission ! It’s that time of year when the fools come out to play. The april fools tradition has really caught on around homestead.
Play some pranks on the frontier folk and earn increased capacity for your raised beds !
Get Pranking ! see the requirements below 🙂

You may not know this, but i’m quite the prankster. I have some hilarious ideas on how to get granny, doc, and jack real good !

Pioneer Trail Prank You Very Much
– Tend Sheep 120 times
– Harvest Orange Trees 8 times
– Tend all 3 Pranks from Prank Boxes
Reward: 15 Horseshoes, 5 Crop Mumbler Boosts, + 10 Raised Bed Capacity (raise to 20 per bed)

crafting guide :
2 rotten eggs + 2 whoopi cushions = funny business
how to get rotten eggs :
occassionally found when tending adult standard geese on your homestead, geese can be found in the market

AHAHAHAHA ! Didja see the looks on their faces ?! priceless ! we make quite the prank team. I got an idea how to get bess and ted next !
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