Frontierville Pregnant Bunny Carrot Juice

By | July 8, 2011

A very cute pregnant animal is available today on frontierville ! Pregnant Bunny (Feed Carrot Juice to care for your Bunny)

how to get pregnant bunny in frontierville ?
you can try tend animals like mule, horse, goat, cow to find this bunny, if you got one you will see this pop up :
You found a pregnant bunny who needs some help on her delivery! Do you want to give her the help she needs?
choose to Find a Home For her! or Abandon Pregnant Bunny,

if you choose to abandon this animal, it will not receive the help it so desperately needs!
if you accept this critter on your homestead, then you must feed it carrot juice 10x – A tasty Carrot drink, Just what a pregnant bunny needs.

how to get carrot juice in frontierville ?
you can Buy 10 Juice with cash or post a request on wall so your friends can help :
Need Carrot Juice!
See if your neighbors have some extra Carrot Juice to keep your bunny healthy!
Ask for Juice

your friends will see this post on news feed :
xxx needs some Carrot Juice to tend to a pregnant animal!
xxx found a pregnant bunny that needs to be cared for! xxx needs friends to send Carrot Juice to keep that critter healthy! There’s a reward for friends who help.
Send Juice

after you feed her 10x carrot juice you can share extra carrot juice for your friends :
You cared for the pregnant bunny!
You successfully cared for that pregnant bunny and she’s taken a liking to you! Brag about your warmheartedness and your new resident!
Share the News!

Tell ’em about your considerate deed!
xxx cared for a pregnant bunny!
xxx has the warmhearted touch and cared for a pregnant bunny! xxx has some extra Carrot Juice to share with friends!
Get Carrot Juice

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