Frontierville Prepare for Gold Rush Missions

By | February 24, 2012

Hank, granny and thunder moon want to help you get ready to head out in frontierville prepare for gold rush missions !
Time to get ready for the upcoming gold rush !

here are the quest requirements and rewards :

goal 1 : Prepare for Gold Rush Mission
Complete any Preparation Meter Missions 2 times
Watch the new expedition Trailer
Craft 2 Moving Equipment
Reward: 500XP, 1 Prep Mystery Box, 3 Baskets of Gold

you can see 3 quest in pioneer trail preparation meter missions requirements

goal 2 : The Tip-Off Mission
Complete any Preparation Meter Missions 4 times
Collect 2 Abandoned Tracks (come from opening Prep Mystery Boxes)
Tend 25 Baskets of Gold on your Homestead (found in prep mystery boxes and given as mission rewards)
Reward: 700XP, 3 Prep Mystery Box, 700 Coins

goal 3 : Ready to Rush Mission
Complete any Preparation Meter Missions 8 times
Tend 100 Gold Roses (new crop unlocked with 175 Prep Points)
Clobber 10 Bears
Reward: 1200XP, 5 Prep Mystery Box, 1200 Coins

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