Frontierville Prospectin Gear Mission

By | April 29, 2011

Frontierville Prospectin Gear Mission – day 6 on trouble on the trail frontierville , still doing job on your homestead but there’s 1 request item for this quest


The McBagginses can’t mine for gold without their picks ‘n pans! These are probably a goner – you best get your energy up and round up yer neighbors. You may even need to collect some gear, just in case!

on this frontierville panhandlin for picks n pans you need to :
Purchase Five Meals from the Market
Hire Five Friends on Your Homestead
Collect 12 Prospectin’ Gear (These will be consumed)

hint : Click “Ask Friends” above to ask friends for Prospectin’ Gear. Click on a neighbor in the neighbor bar to hire that person on your Homestead.

rewards : tool box, map piece, 350 coins

you’ve found the mcbagginses pots n’ pans and have a few extra for the mcbagginses! why not thank your friends with a boost ?