Frontierville Prospecting Tales Missions

By | March 7, 2012

Do the Frontierville Prospecting Tales missions on both pioneer trail homestead and Prospect Falls for great rewards!
GOAL: Prospecting Tales I – X

Yer friends in Prospect Falls have their own lives, hopes and dreams, and each has a story to tell. Take part in these 10 bonus missions to live their tales and get cool prizes!
Let’s Get Started!
– Super Miner
– Legendary Miner

goal I : Striking it Rich Mission
Collect 20 Rough Sand in Prospect Falls
Ask for 15 Mining Certificates
Use Mineshafts Six times in Prospect Falls

goal II : A Growing Boom Town Mission
Collect five Pure Water in Prospect Falls
Tend 15 Bronze Pigs in Prospect Falls
Chop Redwood Trees 40 times in Prospect Falls

goal III : B&B Publicity Mission
Tend 20 Neighbor Sheep
Ask friends for 15 B&B Reservations
Tend 50 Cows on your Homestead

goal IV : Homestead Neglect Mission
Craft 7 Cajun Peas
Harvest 50 Apple Trees on your Homestead
Sell 15 Adult Moose

goal V : The Un-Friend Zone Mission
Clear 50 Wildflowers in Prospect Falls
Collect the Daily Bonus from 3 Mining Suppliers in Prospect Falls
Craft 5 Spiced Pumpkin Pies

goal VI : Mae Blastin Away Mission
Clobber 3 Outlaws in Prospect Falls
Collect 10 Silver Wool in Prospect Falls
Craft 5 Powder Packs in Prospect Falls

goal VII : Returning the Kindness Mission
Harvest 40 Tomatoes on your Homestead
Ask friends for 20 Massage Coupons
Collect the daily bonus on your completed Stagecoach

goal VIII : Cashin In Mission
Harvest 30 Artichoke in Prospect Falls
Use a Sluice five times
Ask friends for 20 Inventory Lists

goal IX : Lock-n-Love Mission
Use Sheriff Mae to blast three Outlaws in Prospect Falls
Ask for 20 Love Bullets
Collect 20 Golden Eggs

goal X : Takin Er Easy Mission
Craft 4 Chocolate Chip Cookie
Harvest 40 Cocoa Trees
Tend 30 Cream Cows

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