Frontierville Rabbit Steak

By | March 14, 2011

Frontierville Rabbit Steak is one of the quest item you need to get for part 4 of the great coyote caper in frontierville

rabbit steak in frontierville

on frontierville rabbit fools coyote you must collect 10 rabbit steaks

how to get rabbit steaks in frontierville ?
click ask friends button to post a help request on your wall so your friends can help send via news feed

Ask for Bunny Meat ! Maybe your friends have some tasty rabbit steaks to spare? Ask and see!
click Ask for Rabbit Steaks to post :

xxx needs some Bunny Love
Bunnies are tasty, and coyotes agree. Send along a rabbit steak and you’ll get one too.


Send Steak to your friends to get 1 free rabbit steak

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