Frontierville Ragdolls Galore Mission

By | December 9, 2011

Percival needs some help makin’ Ragdolls for all the little girls out on the pioneer trail in frontierville ragdolls galore mission ! Ask yer friends fer help and earn a Big Present an’ some Candy Canes!
Help Percival
GOAL: Ragdolls Galore!

this is a timed quest so if you succeed you’ll earn a cool special prize!
Percival the toymaker’s in a bit of a pinch! He’s just got a big order for Ragdolls in, and he ain’t got enough materials on hand! Help him out and make some little frontier tykes happy!

requirements :
– Tend 40 neighbor grass
– Collect 20 Beady Eyes
– Collect 20 Doll Overalls (ragdoll overalls link)

tips : Visit a Friend’s Homestead to tend grass and click “Ask Friends” to request Eyes and Overalls!

rewards : big present + 20 candy canes + 500 XP

That was a lot a sewin’ an’ stuffin’, but you got all them ragdolls finished! Here are some Candy Canes to share with yer friends!
Share a Candy Cane!

xx is All Dolled Up!
xx jus’ finished makin’ a whole heap o’ dolls for the little girls out on the frontier an’ wants to share some Candy Canes with you!

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