Frontierville Rango Mission

By | February 27, 2011

Frontierville Rango Mission ? yup looks like there’s a cross promo event between frontierville and rango, the latest chameleon animation with johnny depp as rangos’ voice 🙂

GOAL: Find the Sheriff of Dirt in frontierville

This mission required you to find rango and watch the trailer 😛 This rango quest will expire at midnight on March 6, 2011.

here’s the requirement for frontierville find the sheriff of dirt :
– find rango nine times
– watch the trailer for rango
– collect 10 buckets of water

rewards : 30 coins + 3 tools

…. yeah that’s the reward 😛 but don’t worry, there’s also another event where you must find rango to get these rewards :
Fast Hands Boost – Locked: 3 Rangos Needed!
Rango’s Clothesline – Locked: 6 Rangos Needed!
Rango Statue – Locked: 9 Rangos Needed!

i will explain this event in another post

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