Frontierville Rekindling The Flame Missions

By | February 10, 2012

Complete frontierville rekindling the flame missions to earn love notes ! Each love note counts as an entry to the sweepstakes !
you can see the pioneer trail romance missions on your cabin or ponderosa lodge, by now there are 2 dove with “rekindle the flame” banner on it 🙂

relight the spark between you and your spouse and earn great rewards ! here are the walkthrough guide for each quests :

finish part 1-5 to get player piano
finish part 6-10 to get romantic pony

Day 1 : Heatin Things Up Mission
Tend 40 Adult Sheep on your homestead
Sell 20 Adult Chickens
Clobber 3 Bears
Reward: 100XP, 1 Heart, 1 Love Note

Day 2 : Takin The Weight Mission
Clear 30 Wildflowers on your homestead
Collect 15 Feather Dusters (drop from Adult Geese)
Collect 10 Pistol Lubricant
Reward: 200XP, 2 Hearts, 2 Love Notes

Day 3 : Gift from the East Mission
Tend 30 Young Cows (not babies, not adult) on your homestead
Collect 25 Red Velvet Cocoa (drops from Cocoa Trees)
Ask for 20 Country Candles
Reward: 300XP, 3 Hearts, 3 Love Notes
country candle link

Day 4 : Frontier Package Mission
Collect 40 Goat Cheese (drops from Adult Goats on your homestead)
Harvest 20 Blue Bells on your homestead (found on Free Gift Page)
Craft 3 Granny Gut Punch in the Saloon
Reward: 400XP, 4 Hearts, 4 Love Notes
blue bell link

Day 5 : A Seat for Two Mission
Tend 40 Neighbor Crops
Harvest 40 Pink Roses
Craft 1 Lovers Swing
Reward: 500XP, 5 Hearts, 5 Love Notes

tips : Aged wood comes from chopping pine trees
3 aged wood + 5 red lace swing = swing seat
3 swing seat + 12 vine flower = lovers swing
vine flower link

Day 6 : Gettin Cuddly Mission
Collect 35 Chocolate Cherries (drops from Cherry Trees)
Tend 30 Adult Mouflon Sheep (unlock from Sheep Mastery 1)
Collect 25 Cozy Blankets
Reward: 600XP, 6 Hearts, 6 Love Notes
cozy blanket link

Day 7 : Decoratin Delight Mission
Tend 30 Adult Oxen on your Homestead
Collect 40 Cotton Puffs (harvest Cotton to get cotton puffs)
Craft 3 Berry Trellises
Reward: 700XP, 8 Hearts, 8 Love Notes

tips : Tough screws comes from clearing rocks
3 tough screws + 4 6×1 plank = tall trellis
2 tall trellis + 8 berry cutting = berry trellis
berry cutting link

Day 8 : Couple Power Mission
Collect 50 Country Potpourri (drop when harvesting Sunflowers)
Collect 3 General Store Daily Bonuses (might be stored inside your Emporium)
Ask for 25 Wheat Bouquets
Reward: 800XP, 8 Hearts, 8 Love Notes
wheat bouquet link

Day 9 : Frontier Crafts Mission
With your spouse – Harvest 40 Ripe Lemon Trees on your homestead
With your spouse – Harvest 25 Bleeding Hearts on your homestead (found in Market)
Craft 2 Cookies in the Brick Oven
Reward: 900XP, 10 Hearts, 10 Love Notes

Day 10 : Unexpected Present Mission
Tend 30 Young (not adult or baby) Moose on your homestead
Collect 35 Ice Cream on your Homestead (drops from Blue Bells)
Craft 2 Molten Cakes in the Brick Oven
Reward: 1000XP, 12 Hearts, 12 Love Notes

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