Frontierville Restore Order Mission

By | April 15, 2013

Have you help the frightened fur balls when you’re doing bigfoot sightings with fearless feed ? because you will need to tend those animals in frontierville restore order mission

We still have a lot of scared little critters out there ! help calm them down and restore order to the forest !

when you see a frightened fur balls, you will see a pop up :
“these fur balls are gonna need your help gettin’ fearless feed!”

click help ’em button and ask for feed :
need fearless feed !
these fur balls are shakin’ with fear ! give ’em fearless feed to help them find some courage

each of them will need 10 fearless feed to heal and become one of 3 animals that required for the quest below 😛

goal : pioneer trail restore order
– Tend White Racoons 6 times
– Tend White Chipmunks 5 times
– Tend White Beavers 4 times
Reward: Bigfoot Statue, Smoked Buffalo Ribs, 2 Wilderness Juices

that crazy bigfoot went and meesed up the forest ! thanks to you, everything is back to normal
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