Frontierville Romance

By | February 12, 2011

Frontierville Romance ! complete romance mission inside your kissing tree in frontierville to get a daily kiss bonus every day 😀

hank n fanny
start romance in frontierville

inside romance-o-meter you can see your romance missions progress, you can start a new romance for a couple, or continue an existing one

Choose your favorite frontier couple and complete their story missions. Once complete, the lovers can meet under the kissing tree !
frontierville hank and bess
frontierville hank and fanny
frontierville bess and fanny

each couple have 5 missions to finish, you can see the progress from romance o meter from kissing tree 🙂

good luck finishing these missions and happy valentine guys !

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  • Marilyn

    I finished the Frontierville romance mission for Hank and Bess. I wanted to do the Hank and Fanny mission, but it told me I would have to break Hank and Bess up. It said I would be able to get Hank and Bess back together later. How? Would I have to complete the mission all over again?