Frontierville Saddle Soap

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Frontierville Saddle Soap ! a new soap for hot wheels mission in frontierville

saddle soap in frontierville

as you see saddle soap is one of the requirement for frontierville hot wheels quest
you will need to collect ten saddle soap (it’ll cost you them soap to complete this mission)
or you can unlock for 20 horseshoes to skip this goal

and one thing for sure, this saddle soap is different than frontierville soap that you need for back to school mission
look in the inventory you will see 2 soaps :)

how do you get saddle soap in frontierville ?
to get saddle soap you can click ‘ask friend’ button on the quest, and you can select friends to ask for saddle soap !

now if your friends get the saddle soap request they will see this :
Hey pardner ! My new buggy done got skunked and i need some saddle soap to clean it off – and pronto ! Come help and you’ll get some too !

see ? the other way to get free saddle soap is by send a bar of saddle soap to your friends :) because you will get 1 for free

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