Frontierville Saggin Not Waggin Mission

By | April 2, 2012

Spend time with your dog in frontierville saggin not waggin mission
Your loyal dog is lookin’ mighty peaked, and barely ever wags that happy tail anymore! The food bowl’s bein’ emptied, and the water bowl’s bein’ licked dry, so it ain’t illness, right? What’s goin’ on?

GOAL: Saggin’ Not Waggin’

Hey hound dog!
Somethin’ is up with your loyal mutt, ‘cuz he’s droopier than an empty sack of seed! Spend some time with your ol’ doggie pal and see if you can git that tail waggin’ again!

Sagging Not Wagging quest requirements :
– Collect Three Daily Bonus from the Dog House.
– Collect 30 Doggie Treats (Clear Grass for a chance to collect Doggie Treats or ask yer friends)
– Craft 10 Fancy Dog Collars (Combine Tooled Collars and Opals to make Fancy Dog Collars)

rewards : 500 XP + 500 coins + cowboy dog statue

tips :
Ask friends for Doggie Treats, Tooled Collars and Opals.
Opals also have a chance to drop when clearing Rocks.
doggie treats link

Saggin’ Not Waggin’
Aw heck, that lil’ rascal just wanted some attention! Now he’s chasin’ tail like he was a young pup again! If only we could teach him yer boots aint’ a chew toy…
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Make It Chunky!
{0}’s been spendin’ some quality time with their doggie companion on the homestead, and has a few extra bags of Chunky Chow to pass around!
Gimme some Chunky Chow!