Frontierville Saloon

By | May 19, 2011

Frontierville Saloon ! get down to the saloon ! thirstin’ for yer own little watering hole down on the frontier ?

build a saloon today to craft powerful concoctions with potent effects like double xp and fast actions !

buy with 1000 coins + 10 wood and whack it to get some saloon collection, there are also 4 new frontierville saloon missions

to finish saloon you must collect new materials by request and post news feed help :
15 chandelier parts
15 highball glass
15 swinging doors
10 cue ball
10 barstool
10 lucky dice

Saloon Crafting
– You will have the ability to mix drinks to make Concoctions in the Saloon. Each Drink can be obtained by posting a feed from within the crafting menu, purchasing drinks from within the crafting menu, or by collecting them from a daily bonus.
– After you mix a concoction you can use it for a temporary boost on your homestead (see details below).
You might even be able to share an extra drink with a friend!

Saloon Concoctions :
There are 3 Concoctions in the game currently.
Granny’s Gut Punch : Pink Skin, Drunk Avatar, Double XP for all game actions for 4 Hours – Available for Building the Saloon
Quick Draw Quaff : Yellow Skin, Drunk Avatar, Fast Hands for 1 Hour – Unlocked by Completing Mission 2
Green Lightning : Green Skin, Drunk Avatar, Faster movement, Tending Bars fill faster for 2 Hours – Unlocked by Completing Mission 4

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