Frontierville Saturday Night Hay Fever Goal

By | March 5, 2012

Whip up a remedy for your spouse’s hay fever in frontierville saturday night hay fever goal!

in this pioneer trail timed mission the hills are getting green again and there’s a fresh breeze off the mornin’ fields, but that means spring pollen is floodin’ the air, an’ yer spouse is sneezin’ up a storm! Let’s whip up a home remedy to help make that sneezin, stop!
Help my spouse!

GOAL:Saturday Night Hay Fever!

With spring just around the corner, the green hills and bloomin flowers got yer spouse sneezing & snifflin’ like crazy! Ain’t no cure for it, but let’s whip up a remedy to ease yer spouse’s allergies!

quest requirements :
– Collect 30 Cabbage Soup (drops from Cabbage crops)
– Collect 20 Honey Servings
– Collect 20 Echinacea Tea
Reward: 500XP, 500 Coins, Purple Echinacea

tips :
ask your friends for honey servings and echinacea seeds.
honey serving link