Frontierville Second Well

By | April 25, 2011

Frontierville Second Well ! on frontierville wellsprings part 3 you need to start a second well, want to know how to get your second well ? can we get 2 wells ? please read the information below

water well in frontierville

how to start a second well in frontierville ?
first you have to sell the first well to get your second one and you are going to have to ask for all the parts each time you do a new well.

when your 1st water well is finished you can collect 10 bonuses from it, and it took 12 hours for each bonus. Then your well will get empty and you will see this pop up :
Sell Your Empty Well?
Your Well’s all dried up! Why dontcha sell it for the parts?

after you sell your 1st well clear debris / stump to get 2nd well

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