Frontierville Seein The Falls Missions

By | July 27, 2013

The frontierville seein the falls missions will unlock over time, but you don’t have to wait ! use horseshoes to reveal more of the map 😛
On the other side of the caves we saw some waterfalls ! i bet the kids would love to play in the falls !

pioneer trail falls quest walkthrough
travel all around horseshoe lake from camp onawa to the seeing falls 😀

Waterfalls are amazing sites of nature ! even better is a swinging rope to jump off of into the water hole. Let’s get it all set up

goal 7 : Wading the Water Mission
– Collect 12 Floatin Tubes
– Craft 5 Swingin Ropes
– Harvest 10 American Moss
Reward: White Wolf, 3 Algae Pools, Random Boost

This water is in constant motion causing the algae in the area be super clingy ! we’ll need some tools to gather test subjects

goal 8 : Sorting Slime Mission
– Gather 10 Green Gunk – clear grass
– Craft 6 Algae Contraptions
– Gather 12 Murky Waters
Reward: Mangy Wolf, Raging Buffalo, 2 Hide Prepping Stations

While looking at te falls we spotted a white wolf pack ! i don’t want the kids to get too close, but aren’t they strong looking !

goal 9 : Hydrated Howling Mission
– Tend White Wolf 10 times
– Craft 6 Merit Vests
– Search a Cascade Waterfall 1 time – Takes 10 packs
Reward: 4 Cascade Packs, Water Geyser, Random Boost