Frontierville Self Improvement Book

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Frontierville Self Improvement Book is the quest item that you will need to collect hank’s self improvement mission, one of frontierville a Day in the Life of hank goals

self improvement book in frontierville

for the new frontierville hank mission you must collect 5 Self-Improvement Books

how to get self improvement books in frontierville ?
you can click ask friends button on the quest to post a help request on your wall

Need Self-Improvement Book ! Maybe your friends have some self-improvement books you can loan Hank.
click Ask for books to post this :

xxxx Has PLENTY of Room for Improvement!
xxxx needs some self-improvement books to loan Hank, the general store manager. You’ll get one too! (Not that you need it, of course…)

you can help Send Book for your friend to get 1 free self-improvement book :)

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