Frontierville Setting Up Camp Missions

By | July 27, 2013

Enjoy horseshoe lake at camp onawa and earn stuffed bear stash ! Let’s start with frontierville setting up camp missions for the first 3 goals 🙂
I’m so exciting to run summer camp ! let’s get all set up and give the kids something to do.

pioneer trail camp quest walkthrough

Camping is so fun ! get the tents up ! start the fire ! this is going to be the best summer ever !

goal 1: Pitchin Tents & Building Fires Mission
– Collect the bonus from the Camp Canoe once
– Gather 15 Poison Oak Rubs – harvest Aloe Vera
– Collect 8 Packed S’mores
Reward: 3 Algae Pools, Stag Prince, Random Boost

Can you help us gather some things for our nature hike ? we’re hoping to see that white stag that’s been roaming around here !

goal 2: Staggering Development Mission
– Gather 8 Berry Bits – harvest Red Huckleberries
– Craft 4 Merit Vests
– Tend Stag Prince 6 times
Reward: White Deer, Frontier Fritters, Red Huckleberry Bush

i’ve agree to help out with camp.. But secretly i just wanted to experiment with local algae at horseshoe lake. Can you assist in collecting specimens ?

goal 3: Algae-Rior Motives Mission
– Tend Adult White Deer 8 times
– Collect 18 Sealed Containers
– Search 2 campgrounds – take 10 Camp Sacks
Reward: 4 camp sacks, unwither crop, random boost