Frontierville Sheriff Comes to Town Missions

By | April 24, 2012

In frontierville sheriff comes to town missions Sheriff Mae is on her way to the pioneer trail homestead to stop amy, birdie and the gratchett gang !

GOAL: Sheriff Comes to Town, I of V

quest requirements guide :

goal 1 : Laying Down the Law Mission
Place the Sheriff Station
Harvest 40 Fig Trees
Craft 3 Building Supplies
Reward: 1 Deputy Donkey, 200 XP, 1 All You Can Eat Meal

tips :
6 surplus lumber + 5 office blueprints = building supplies
Surplus lumber drops from Oak & Pine trees (not saplings)

goal 2 : A Hankering to Stay out of Jail Mission
Complete the 1st phase of the Sheriff Station
Harvest 30 Lettuce (Free Gift)
Collect 15 Can Labels
Reward: 1 Billy the Kid, 400 XP, 1 Granny’s Gut Punch

tips :
can-labels lettuce
can labels link – lettuce link

goal 3 : Dressed to Impress Mission
Complete the 2nd phase of the Sheriff Station
Collect 20 Pink Flower Petals (harvest pink orchids)
Craft 4 Cotton Blouses
Reward: 1 Red Tailed Hawk, 600 XP, 1 Loyal Pioneer

tips :
6 cotton cloth + 4 pearl button = cotton blouse
Harvest cotton for cotton cloth
pearl button link

goal 4 : License to Care Mission
Complete the 3rd phase of the Sheriff Station
Collect 40 Sheep Treats (harvest apple trees)
Craft 4 Vet Certificates
Reward: 1 Inspector Woolsworth, 800 XP, 1 Building Boost

tips :
3 binding glue + 4 book pages = animal care book
3 animal care book + 9 caretaking lesson = vet certification
Tend adult goats for lessons
binding glue link

goal 5 : Justice Has Arrived Mission
Complete the Sheriff Station
Collect 25 Soy Milk (harvest soybeans from free gift page)
Craft 4 Welcome Gift Baskets
Reward: 1 Raging Buffalo, 1000 XP, 1 Officer’s Steed

tips :
5 fresh peach + 3 bubbly drink = welcome gift
3 welcome gift + wicker basket = welcome gift basket
Tend Peach Trees for Fresh Peaches
bubbly-drink soybean
bubbly drink link – soybean link

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