Frontierville Sheriff’s Station Missions Links

By | April 24, 2012

Let’s build and upgrade frontierville sheriff’s station so sheriff mae can start work !

see the mission requirements on : pioneer trail sheriff comes to town I-V

Listen, hon, Sheriff Mae here telling you that Birdie the Fox is heading in your direction. He’s a no-good, outlaw cheater of the worst sort and I’m gonna nab him, but I need a Sheriff’s Station to work from! You take care of that, darlin’, and I’ll handle things from there!
Oh, and he happens to be my ex-boyfriend. We’ll leave it at that, OK?

collect parts faster with these material links :
office-sign coffee-mug folded-newspaper frontier-flask
office sign link – coffee mug link – folded newspaper link – frontier flask link

sheriff's-hat metal-buckle chocolate-glaze cinnamon-sugar rainbow-sprinkles
sheriff’s hat link – metal buckle link – chocolate glaze link – cinnamon sugar link – rainbow sprinkles link

Total Building items to build and upgrade :
Get from ask for more (wall post) :
3 Steel Handcuffs
8 Creaky Floorboards
3 Office Sign
3 Coffee Mug
1 Wanted Board

get from ask friends (request) :
4 Coffee Mug
9 Folded Newspaper
18 Porch Chair
14 Frontier Flask
12 Sheriff Seal
9 Sheriff Hat – Requested

to craft Leather Holster
42 Pristine Leather – get from Tending Cows
70 Metal Buckles – Requested

to craft Plain Donuts
116 Donut Flour – get from tending Wheat
116 Sugar Crystals – Requested
12 Chocolate Glaze – Requested
15 Cinnamon Sugar – Requested
36 Sprinkles – Requested

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