Frontierville Show Pen Missions Links

By | July 20, 2012

The frontierville show pen can hold all your prize animals as well as any celebrity animal visitors you might have ! Store your Prized Pigs and Sheep in the new pioneer trail show pen 🙂

earn the fluffy sheep leader and celebrity prized pig from these missions !

quest requirements :

Goal 1: Pristine Placement Mission
Place the Show Pen
Harvest 25 Peach Trees
Harvest 60 Pumpkins
Reward: 3 Sheep Shampoo, 400 XP, 1 Pretty Feed Bucket (needed for Show Pen)

Goal 2: Hog Heaven Mission
Tend 10 Weighed-In Prize Pigs
Collect 25 Celebrity Lemonade (drops from lemon trees)
Upgrade the Show Pen
Reward: Celebrity Prize Pig, 2 Olive Trees, Acupuncture (needed for Show Pen)

show pen material links :
smooth-fenceboard cedar-support warm-floor-tile sun-tan-lotion
smooth fenceboard link – cedar support link – warm floor tile link – sun tan lotion link

spacious-stall no-stick-flooring heating-pad basic-trough
spacious stall link – no-stick flooring link – heating pad link – basic trough link

soft-bristle large-platter large-mirror cool-drink
soft bristle link – large platter link – large mirror link – cool drink link

Goal 3: Fluffy Reservation Mission
Feed Celebrity Pigs How Chow 12 times (you just got one in inventory)
Craft 8 Presidential Platters
Upgrade the Show Pen
Reward: Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1200 XP, 2 Lemon Mint crops

6 petite tomato + 4 salad dressing = 1 veggie plate
1 veggie plate + 4 large platter = presidential platter
find petite tomato when harvesting tomatoes on your homestead

Goal 4: Sheep Salon Mission
Shampoo Leader Sheep 20 times (you just got one in inventory)
Craft 10 Beauty Stalls
Upgrade the Show Pen to final stage
Reward: Fluffy Leader Sheep, 1200 XP, 2 Lemon Mint crops

6 small flower + 4 large mirror = 2 beautiful mirror
1 beautiful mirror + 6 sheep scissors = beauty stall
find small flower when clearing wildflower from your homestead