Frontierville Sick Traveler

By | February 21, 2011

Frontierville Sick Traveler ! Ah, a friendly face! I seem to be sufferin’ from some nasty Prairie Pox, and sure could use your help! I can reward your generosity…

sick traveler in frontierville – Help Pioneer

one of the way to get frontierville prairie pox is from sick traveler, but if you already get pox from your neighbors in frontierville you won’t get this quest : frontierville make him comfortable

A Helpful Traveler
Helping the traveler was a kind act, but it looks like you’ve contracted the Prairie Pox! Is there a doctor in the house? A Doctor’s Office is now available in the Market!
– Take the Cure
– No Thanks!

where you must :
– Harvest 10 Apple Trees
– Collect 3 Chicken Broths
– Purchase 1 Flower Bed
Rewards : 500 XP + 1 Prescription Bottle + 1 Glass Vial

A Sickly Traveler ! A traveler heading back East has good news for you – a cure has been found for the Prairie Pox! Accept his free cure or wait and do the missions to cure yourself?

xxx is Comin’ down with the sickness !
While tending to poor, sick traveler, xxx ran across some extra apple tree seedlings !

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