Frontierville Silverware

By | February 15, 2011

Frontierville Silverware is the quest item you need for frontierville hank and bess mission Part 5

silverware in frontierville – Useful for getting hitched AND fighting off werewolves!

in happily ever after mission you need to Collect Ten Sets of Silverware (Them silverware sets will be consumed to complete this mission.)

how to get sets of silver needles in frontierville : click ask friends button so you can post help on news feed
Need Silverware! Will your friends help Hank and Bess out with some silverware.
click Ask for Silverware to post a request on your wall


Wanna Spoon with xxx?
xxx is looking for silverware to give to that nice young couple, Hank and Bess. You’ll get a set too!
Send Free Silverware to your friends so you can get 1 silverware

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